Construction Services by Advance Group

Max Construction is a leading well-known and well-established "A" class construction company of Nepal having years of experience in all types of construction works.
Its parents company, Advance Group has different operating companies in different business including Cement Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture, Export/Import, Remittance, Mining, Chemical, Tourism and Hotel, Supply Chain & Logistic.The Advance Group is one of Nepal's largest and most respected business house. It has been established with the aim of providing construction works services in the field of roads, highways, bridges, drainage, irrigation, water supply, river training, hydropower, electrical transmission and distribution lines, tunnels, building and industrial complex. In short, Max Construction is able to offer completely comprehensive construction services which covers the civil engineering works together with electrical and hydropower. It is well aware of the variety of construction works required by different Departments and Agencies in Nepal.

Our Expertise
Building Construction, Road Construction & Bridge Construction

The founder of Advance Construction is Mr. Arun KumaKarn. The company has successfully turned his vision into reality through his wealth of experience, management skills, total engineering capabilities and implementation of technology.
Advance Construction Company ranks among the top five Construction Companies of the country today. It has acquired a fine reputation in a wide range of construction of large-scale infrastructure like buildings roads, bridges, irrigation canals and related structures, land development works, earthen dykes, all types of foundation like wells, piles, piers etc., water supply and sanitation.
Enhanced modern lifestyles depend on the development of social infrastructure. Examples include the construction of roads, water supply, good housing systems to maintain pleasant and hygienic living environments & the establishment of road networks as arteries for today's increasingly complex and rapid distribution systems.
The main concern of the companyis Occupational Health Safety (OHS). The Company implements its own safety system and existing reliable practices in safety for every project. Advance Construction Company has developed and introduced unique construction methods that ensure the safe and efficient completion of long-term projects through the OHS related skills and knowledge gained through completed projects.
We believe that the opportunities for the company will be endless and enormous if there is introduction of large scale infrastructure projects in the country by the government and private sector.