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Chairman: Advance Group of Companies ( AGOC )

A result driven, self -motivated and resourceful Chairperson with a proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams in order to maximize company profitability and efficiency. A passionate leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successfully management .
Mr. Karn is educated to a very high level, with extensive knowledge of all current economic, social and regulatory issues. He is able to push performance improvement whilst at the same time delivering growth. Mr. Karn is accredited towards revival of many sick industries of the Country.
Now he has been credited with many different kind of trading and manufacturing businesses and transforming the businesses into a modern, efficient, safe, vibrant and a very investor friendly one He is a person who believes in building in silence and speaking through his successes.
With his considerable wealth of experience, Mr. Karn brings immense value to the Board of AGOC. Under his leadership, AGOC has achieved significant improvements in the areas of project management, logistics and overall cost -competitiveness. The impact of this guidance is visible in the high growth trajectory AGOC has experienced since inception.
His key areas of expertise have been Business Strategy, Business Development, Processes and Systems, Leadership Development, Branding and Product Development, and Risk Mitigation and Compliance. A strategic leader, recognized for making sweeping improvements to efficiency, product development & marketing and identifying areas of opportunity, he is acclaimed as a “Crisis Manager” for stabilizing operations and leading turnaround growth strategies in uniquely challenging situations.
He has been an inspirational leader who utilizes negotiation skills gained over 20 years of extensive experience in business sectors and strongly connects to the grass root levels, believes in “bottom -up approach” and has the ability to see the Big Picture and translate to reality.