About Us

Advance Group of Companies ( AGOC )

Advance Group of Companies (AGOC) led by Mr. Arun Karn (Chairperson of the Group) have been established with diversified business interest engaging itself in:
1.Manufacturing of Cement & Clinker
2.Mining of Limestone & Copper
3.Trading and Marketing of Oriflame Cosmetics
4.Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
5.Remittance Company

Additionally, AGOC is also engaged in Organic Farming and Silage at its own farmland and import of Industrial Raw Material taking utmost care of Customers, Consumers and the Nation’s interest.
The company prides itself is its premium quality and bespoke customer service. Being small, we are personal, flexible, fast and competitive.Sustainability is a way of life at AGOC.Acting in a sustainable manner is not only a business imperative but also provides the company with a competitive advantage. We believe that a company is not measured only through its profits; its True Value lies in what it gives back to the people and the environment. The core of our sustainability philosophy is based on shareholder benefit, safe operations, environment conservation and social well-being.
An emphasis on technological superiority enables us to differentiate our offering through impeccable quality and effective communication. With an extensive network of dealers & retailers, we own a position in the premium segment of the market.AGOC with a strong & skilled workforce has always encouraged balanced regional growth with most of its factories located in underdeveloped/backward areas. AGOC has also been contributing to the development of areas around factories by adopting nearby villages and providing the basic facilities like school, drinking water and other basic amenities etc. Every single person at AGOC, from the Group president to the employees, shares the commitment to conduct business with integrity. We always comply with statutory laws and regulations, including human rights, labor-related issues, environment protection, and have an anti-bribery and anti-corruption stance.​ .
To this end, AGOC aim for:

  • Progressive way forward with sustained profitability securing competitive advantage at market
  • Enduring operational Excellence in partnership with all stakeholders (Vendors/ Customers/ Shareowners)
  • Highest standard of Customer Satisfaction
  • Workplace of choice supported with growing talent pool
  • Socially accountable practices

Committed to meet and exceed customer’s expectations. !

AGOC’s core beliefs that guides business & distinguish us come from values.

AGOC strongly believe in working together safeguarding each other’s (the Business & the Personal) interest duly encouraging diversity, development, team work and recognition.


AGOC’s vision is to create enduring success & sustained relationships that will go from strength to strength by dealing with the business partners in order to accomplish goals.


Honesty, AGOC display in all action with all stakeholders and meeting high ethical standards in all business dealings.

Corporate Citizenship

Commitments to environmental accountability, AGOC display in all action and support the communities to the best of its capability


AGOC’s corporate ethics is the genuine practice of shared values. AGOC strongly believes in preserving core values and continue journey on path of progress. It is a code which applies to each member in the organization.